Check Your Outlook

Many successful people have changed their life for the better by changing their outlook. They’ve learned to avoid or remove beliefs that could hold them back.

Beliefs Such As:

  1. I can’t get ahead because of (work climate, the economy, my supervisor, downsizing, too much competition, etc.);
  2. Things keep happening to me and I am powerless;
  3. I will never succeed because I’m too (old, young, inexperienced, uneducated, etc.);
  4. Nothing has ever worked out before so why would it now;
  5. I’d change my life if I could but I’m stuck where I am;
  6. If I share my problems with everyone I meet, someone will take pity on me and fix them for me.

These beliefs are limiting and are self-imposed. Outlook, attitude and perspective are things that you can change and within your personal power. When you flip the switch from negative beliefs to positive possibilities, you are empowered, others respect and support you and doors will open. Your career and your life success depends on your outlook.

Your mother was right, if you keep a positive outlook, goods things will come your way. Think about it. People like being around optimistic people. We also admire those who have a sense of self-worth and are self-forgiving instead of self-condemning. Positive people are also rewarded for this behavior. They are hired, promoted and sought in relationships, because they are a perpetual source of light in a sometimes dreary world.

A healthy outlook is also a natural byproduct of a healthy self-esteem and those who are insecure, afraid or lack confidence, are often instinctively negative.

Remember SNL’s Debby Downer? She’s the epitome of the person with a dark disposition.

We all know those people, the ones who dump their problems on everyone else and in doing so, bring you down as well. But this isn’t just a matter of happy and sad, negative self-talk can also lead to clinical concerns. Sources of this behavior can be rooted deeper than just a “bad attitude” so if you, or someone you know, struggle with self- esteem then professional help is the answer. If your negative attitude comes from something you can control, then it might be worth talking this over with a friend or even a coach.

So not that you’re convinced that outlook is everything, how can you be a more positive person? How can you keep a cheery disposition when life sends you daily dings? Moreover, are you obligated to be the “belle of the workplace” if it isn’t in your nature to smile at everyone and everything? First, it’s not easy, nor probably healthy to continually exude rainbows and sunshine in every minute of every day.

Instead, a healthy approach begins with knowing that there will be up days and down days, both positive and negative moments. Start by observing your reactions to people and things around you. If you dread every project on your desk, or avoid others because they bring out the worst in you, you could be in an unhealthy work environment or surrounded by toxic people. If this is the case, change may be necessary. A culture that fosters engagement, a fun and welcoming environment will not only improve your attitude but your health and productivity, too.

Steps For Changing Your Outlook*:

  1. Stop over thinking things and take action on what you’ve been considering;
  2. Consider the advice you’d give your best friend if they came to you with the same problem;
  3. Remember CAN’T is a four-letter word where MIGHT, COULD, CAN are not;
  4. Don’t say ‘yes’ to people just because you think it will please them;
  5. Maintain your career reputation by respecting boundaries with colleagues and work associates. Instead, call on friends and family (or counseling) for venting, support and reassurance;
  6. Don’t ever give up on your dreams or you will be giving up your power;
  7. Take little steps each day to keep from feeling overwhelmed;
  8. Get out of your comfort zone, meet new people and keep up with those you have met;
  9. Acknowledge the things you do have control over and let go of the rest;
  10. Know that you are brave so give it a try and ask for support when you feel doubt creeping in.

How To Be Career Happy? Check Your Outlook

*Paraphrased from Executive and Trailblazer Joy Golden.

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