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Three C’s to Reducing Conflict

Did you know that 85 percent of employees deal with conflict on some level on a regular basis? According to a Workplace report published in 2017, a startling statistic unearthed is that U.S. employees spend 2.1 hours per week involved with conflict, which costs employers approximately $359 billion a year.* Wow. The hurt and tension […]

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Avoid Sending Angry Emails

The best way to address hurt feelings in the workplace is to confront your aggressor face-to-face and in an unemotional and professional tone and share your concerns. Talking things out is the only way to really resolve conflict. Still, most of us don’t relish—or take—this approach. In fact, many turn to a “safer” solution of […]

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Follow Your “Life Code”

“Negative and exploitive people are obstacles to your success, happiness, security, and peace of mind.” So true. This statement comes at the beginning of Dr. Phil McGraw’s guide to helping us navigate this crazy journey we call life. His book, Life Code, is packed with direct and honest truths about how we fool ourselves into […]

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