Stand Up to a Disrespectful Colleague

We all have those days when we can be at our worst. We say things that we don’t mean or do things to ostracize or hurt others’ feelings. Whether we want to acknowledge it or not, there are some folks who continue to be bad mannered, rude, critical and overall disrespectful on a routine basis. While a temporary lapse in judgment can be overlooked, ongoing rudeness is hard to forgive and forget.

Here are a few ways to stand up to these workplace bullies:

  1. Consider the facts.While it may be difficult to do in the heat of the moment, consider the facts. Who is actually creating the issue and are you at all part of the problem? It could be that this individual is hitting triggers that you have and really has no ill intent at all. It could be a lack of communication or understanding on both parts that could easily be cleared up in a confidential, adult conversation.
  2. Ask for a second opinion.This does not mean gossiping about this individual at the water cooler but rather consulting with someone outside of your team who can offer an objective opinion. Because they don’t have any “emotional” skin in the game they could help you gain a realistic perspective.
  3. Work with your coach.This is one of your best advocates for dealing with workplace challenges. They will be able to help you pull back the lens and look at what you can do to effectively make positive changes and move past hurts and setbacks.
  4. Speak to your manager.If you’ve tried taking a positive and collaborative approach with your colleague and the problem still persists and causes disruption to your culture, team cohesiveness and workplace productivity, it may be time to speak with your manager. Take your concerns to them as soon as possible and present them in an objective and unemotional way. Involve a human resources representative as well, as they are the point people for ensuring your team has all the resources and support that they need to be healthy, productive and safe.

How to Be Career Happy? Stand Up to a Disrespectful Colleague

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