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Pout When You Feel Like It. Then Move On, Man!

There’s something cathartic about a pout once in a while. But when it rolls over into negatively impacting your career, relationships and productivity, it’s no longer “cute.” Sometimes we pout, but we don’t admit we’re pouting. We just feel anger and disappointment and we stop moving forward because “the world’s against us!” Or what we’ve […]

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Mentoring For Career Advancement

A mentoring relationship is imperative for successful career development. It is the foundation for professional insight, opens doors for novice professionals and creates unique and mutually beneficial collaborative opportunities. It’s also a personal relationship built on trust. There’s a lot of power within this relationship and that’s what makes it so important. When the mentoring relationship works, the […]

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Career Advantages to Being a Good Listener

Listening is all about making a conscious effort to be wholly present when someone is talking. This means shutting down technology, avoiding multitasking and dismissing distractions. Research indicates that the average person listens for only 17 seconds before interrupting and interjecting or thinking about what to say next. If you think this isn’t obvious to […]

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