Five Rules for Successfully Navigating Your New Career

When you’re hired for a new job (or new assignment), no doubt you’ll want to prove to your boss and team that you deserve it. But now you’re the new guy/gal and getting familiar with the culture and environment, let alone getting work done, can be intimidating the first couple days.

Start smart by successfully navigating your new responsibilities, culture and colleagues with these five rules:

  1. Avoid arrogance. The key to fostering successful working relationships requires putting ego aside and for a little while, letting others take the lead.
  2. Be positive. Attitude is everything. Demonstrate you want to be there. By making a positive impression you’ll discover a lot about others, like who are your allies, and who you’ll need to win over.
  3. Ask but don’t pester. You won’t have all the answers you’re first day, so go ahead and ask questions rather than assume. Make sure to learn the protocol for asking questions, should you go directly to your supervisor or is there a co-worker who can mentor you? Keep in mind, everyone is there to do a job and asking too many questions can be disruptive. If you still have some left unanswered, write them down and bring them up in your first week’s review.
  4. Expect to be treated like a “newbie.” Even if you’re the C.E.O., an expert in your field, a lauded author or know all the answers, please respect authority and seniority. It takes time to foster good working relationships and that means being patient while others teach you the ropes.
  5. Get over your fears. You were hired for a reason. You have talent, expertise and likability, to name just a few of the reasons why you were brought on board. Don’t let your inner critic bring you down. If you make a mistake, no big deal. You’re human. No one succeeds with out a few falls. It’s how you rise to the occasion with confidence and positivity that will win you allies and sustain your long-term career success.

How to Be Career Happy? Follow These Five Rules for Navigating Your New Career

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