Take Back Your Power, It’s Critical for Career Success

Lately, I’ve been working with two clients facing the same challenge – battling a difficult coworker. One client manages an obstinate subordinate, the other works alongside a surely colleague. Their roles and relationships may be different but the challenge is the same—both feel helpless.

When you feel helpless it’s easy to become a victim of circumstances losing hope and direction. If this sounds familiar then it’s time to take back your power, it’s critical for career success.

When you give away your power, you let other’s control your time and emotions. Just like the teacher who focuses their energies on the misbehaving student, a supervisor can be consumed with one challenging subordinate. Even if it’s a situation where a peer presents a challenge, when you expend too much energy and time trying to “fix” or “battle” the problem, you’re lost in what you cannot control (others) and have given away your personal power.

The cold truth is you can’t “fix” anyone. You can only change yourself.

Positive change is critical for career success, otherwise stagnation occurs.  Change isn’t easy, but starting with small steps makes the process easy and long lasting. And besides, you’re pretty amazing anyway so it’s not about big changes just a tweak or two starting with perspectives and what YOU can control.

Learning to say no, being firm in the decisions you make, empowering others to grow by setting a good example are also small changes we work on through coaching that lead to big results. Are you ready? If so, it’s time to take back your power, it’s critical for Career Success!

How to Be Career Happy? Take Back Your Power

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