Do You Have the “Crazy Gene”? Channel It Toward Career Success

“Crazy” may be the latest and greatest when comes to leveraging career success beyond the norm. If you’re a skilled and savvy leader set on revitalizing a division, organization or brand, or maybe a creative marketing guru with blooming with ideas then perhaps you’re genetically predisposed to success.

“Crazy,” of course, conjures up many definitions, but as defined by Daniel Birnbaum, CEO of SodaStream International, the crazy gene is found in “enthusiastic executives,**” ready to take on high level challenges. Evidentially, it’s a good barometer for success, as exemplified by SodaStream’s re-emergence as a heavy soda market competitor—enough to garner a televised presence at the 2013 Super Bowl.

So what does it take to leverage your “crazy gene” into career success?

It begins with stoking the fire in your belly. You have to harness the drive, approach each day optimistically and be intensely focused on propelling your career forward. If you’re a leader, this also includes developing vision and buy-in with your team. If you’ve outlined your strategic plan in a way that your team understands how their contributions will purposefully impact the overall vision, then you’re well on your way. But “crazy” isn’t limited to peak team performance. It’s all about pushing YOU beyond your comfort zone and recognizing that healthy risks bring huge rewards.

Remember, true career success is believing in yourself and realizing your full potential. Possibly more than you even thought possible. If you’re hungry for more than get crazy and get active. Your dreams are only limited to your imagination.

How To Be Career Happy? Harness Your Crazy Gene Toward Career Success

**Entrepreneur Magazine April 2013

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