Accelerate Your Income

 You have the opportunity to accelerate your income this year.

No, I’m not referring to pyramid schemes, online business programs, or franchise opportunities. I’m talking about building your income in your current career. Let me explain.

Too often we look for happiness, security and anything else that we want outside of ourselves. The problem is we are searching for the next best thing to come our way and give it to us. We are also wasting valuable time searching for that pot of gold when it is right underneath us all along.

So if you want more—want to rapidly accelerate your income—then you need to focus on two things: Control and Time.

Control: If you are waiting for someone to walk up to you and say “Hey, today is the day you’re getting a huge raise,”please don’t hold your breath. You have to drive this outcome and yes, it is within your control.

Stop complaining about how the company is not serving you and start taking control of your career.

Too often we think that we are not in charge of our outcomes and when that happens, you’re options become limited. You have control of the choices you make.

Time:  I hate saying “No” but sometimes I have to. Time is money. If I accept invites to all the opportunities presented to me, I wouldn’t get any work done. I wouldn’t be able to serve my clients to the highest level. Take a deep and honest look at where your time is being spent.

You have control of how you spend it and when you waste it searching for a pot of gold instead of building it yourself, then you will always find yourself on a hamster wheel of frustration

Listen, I know these suggestions may sound direct, and perhaps a bit harsh, but I want you to succeed. I want you to accelerate your income. And you can. You have the control and the time to do so if you make small changes towards your success. I see it everyday.

To get started designing and implementing a plan to accelerate your income, start with the following questions.

  • Have you improved your skills and abilities and have documented proof of your efforts and results?
  • What are the personal and professional development opportunities, including mentoring and coaching, have tapped into, both inside and outside of your company?
  • How effective is your promotion proposal and is it ready to pitch?
  • How compelling is your opportunity attraction plan? Do you know what this means for you and are you effectively employing it?
  • How are you negotiating effectively to get the work/life balance, title, salary or job of your dreams?
  • Are you “standing still” because it feels safe and the idea of making small, and big, changes has you petrified?
  • Where are you wasting your time—television, unnecessary meetings, disorganization, clutter, unproductive relationships, social media—and what can you cut out and say “no” to?
  • If you are working in a place that is not challenging you, feels limiting and is not satisfying your needs then are you ready to take control and look for something better?
  • How can you position yourself as a highly productive individual who others want on their team and will pay good money to promote or attain?
  • How can you use your free time to build something that will accelerate your income on the side that actually set you for a full time or part time gig or an early retirement venture?

To accelerate your income you have four choices: prepare and pitch a promotion (or raise) proposal; position yourself for opportunities (you can learn how to do this in coaching); build a side hustle; or consider a career transition. Outside of playing the stock market or winning the lottery, these are the only ways to accelerate your income other.

You have all of these options within your control and reach. But yes, it will take time. And you have the time if you reorient things differently. So, if you really want to accelerate your income (and trust me you deserve it), you can’t wait for it to come your way. You have to approach it differently and directly.

How to Be Career Happy? Accelerate Your Income

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