Accelerate Your Income

 I hate saying “No” but sometimes I have to. Time is money. If I accept invites to all the opportunities presented to me, I wouldn’t get any work done. I wouldn’t be able to serve my clients to the highest level.

How about you? Do you feel like you’re on a hamster wheel or are you controlling your time? What can you say “no” to? How can you build more income? If you are working in a place that is satisfying your needs then you might find that in order to accelerate your income you have three choices: prepare and pitch a promotion (or raise) proposal; build a side hustle; or third consider a career transition. These are really the only ways to accelerate your income.

When my clients want to rapidly accelerate their income and do not want to enter the job search, we start by looking at how they are currently spending their time. Time is money. If you want more, you have to create more space for getting more. How you choose to use your time will translate into income acceleration including positioning yourself for opportunities:

  • This could be how you position yourself in the industry as a high-worth professional;
  • How you build your reputation to garner offers that you can either take or use as bargain for a higher raise;
  • How you position yourself as a highly productive individual who others want on their team and will pay good money to promote or attain;
  • How you use your free time to build something that will accelerate your income on the side that actually may position you for a full time or part time gig or an early retirement venture.

If you want to accelerate your income starting today, I’d like to help you do that. Invest in yourself and let’s work together to develop a plan to get you there. Trust me when I say the results are real. When you translate time to money, how you should spend it becomes crystal clear. Give your time to what matters most first. Then look at how you are spending your work time and energy. Money (if that is important) will follow.

How to Be Career Happy? Accelerate Your Income

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