Redefine Accountability

There are many who do not like the word “accountability.” It seems like you are being watched by a taskmaster who will unleash consequences if you are not bearing results.

It’s funny to hear accountability described in negative terms, because I always believed it to be a good thing. But of course I respect others’ experiences with this word and can imagine that if it hasn’t been a good one the word may cause you to stall or divert from your goals.

When you redefine this word into the coaching spectrum it magically turns into a gift. Imagine having someone by your side who will yes, hold you accountable, but only to the goals that you’ve set for yourself. And since you are the one who set them, you are also the one that can change or dismiss them if you should choose not to pursue them.

That is very liberating.

It’s also nice to know that you’re not free to set goals and dismiss them without some discussion as to why. That’s what coaching is for. If you are not interested in your goals, then “Why?” “What do you really want?” And “How can your goals be redesigned to better serve you?”

This is the beauty of accountability.

But there are also those who want accountability in the true sense of the word. You want more and you already know what you need to get more—you need someone gently nudging you on, cheerleading you and supporting you along the way.

This is exciting.

Accountability doesn’t have to be scary, negative or daunting. We will work as a team to make sure your definition of accountability serves you best and still nudges you on to unleash your full potential. If you want more, then let’s get you more starting today!

How to Be Career Happy? Redefine Accountability

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