Find the Right Motivator

One of the biggest hurdles to any type of progress or change is lack of motivation. When you are tasked with a list of to-do’s that might seem less than desirable, daunting, overwhelming or difficult, the way you go about conquering them is the same way that you go about achieving the things that you enjoy or are most important to you—by firing up your motivation.

Certainly, motivation is very personal and subjective, and the root of motivation is different for everything that you do. Still, if you’re not motivated at all to do something or change something, then you won’t take the time, energy and steps to get it done. For example, you may decide you want to go on vacation but find yourself dragging your feet when it comes to planning and booking your hotel or plane ticket. This might indicate that the motivation for a trip—or this particular trip—isn’t really there.

Don’t beat yourself up for your feet dragging. Instead look for what truly motivates you and focus your energies there. If you are after a goal that seems daunting, such as the job search, a promotion or possibly working on a mutually shared or assigned goal, you might find your motivation waning. Press the pause button and look deeper into the benefits of working on this goal. Within this lies your hidden motivation. When you identify this motivator and keep it top of mind, then it is more likely you will achieve success.

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How to Be Career Happy? Find the Right Motivator

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