Networking Conundrum: Coffee, Tea, Lunch, Now What?

Networking is incredibly important when it comes to advancing our careers, but “cold” conversations can be daunting and as dry as an empty coffee cup. That’s why making networking authentic, tasteful and fluid is vitally important. So how do you spri
nkle the “real” into your networking coffee chat?


  1. First, be clear about your intentions. Let the person you’re inviting know that this meeting is set to get to know one another and what else you hope to accomplish
  2. Be honest and genuine in your communication. Don’t use this time to try out another personality or give off an arrogant vibe. You need their help and want them to “connect” with you so be relatable.
  3. Come prepared with conversation topics and questions. Even if you’re planning a casual conversation, having some key points and queries will show preparedness and help you have a concise and targeted taltop-100-career-blogsk.
  4. Don’t forget to follow-up. They’ve taken the time to meet with you, so it’s your turn to follow-up with a thank you note. Also, if you want to build a strong career network, don’t let this meeting be the last. It’s up to you to keep the conversation flowing online and in person.

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