“My Job Search Isn’t Working!”

“I’ve applied for over 60 positions and completely burnt out. Nothing is working. I’ve tried everything and everyone that I’ve contacted is not helping or shutting me down!”

I heard this recently from a young professional who works for one of my client companies. She wants to make a career change but is incredibly frustrated in her search.

While I want to help her, she first needs to want my help and be ready to help herself.

This is not the first time that I’ve heard a similar lament. Perhaps you’ve felt this way once before or have heard others express a similar frustration. The problem lies in perspective. I’m not saying that changing her attitude will land her a job tomorrow—or am I?top-100-career-blogs

Right now, she feels hurt and disappointed and is not accepting anything less than someone to do her work for her. She has shut everyone down who has tried to help, including firing three counselors, turning her back on colleagues and continuing her pursuit in blaming others including her organization. She has even turned on her spouse as another root cause for her career troubles.

The thing is, she’s so frustrated that she exudes nothing but anger and blame and cannot see it. This is not a healthy way to approach networking or interviewing, or really anything, for that matter. Sure, we have all been there and may be there again, but if you want to make a positive career change, you first have to make an attitude change for the positive.

I recommended that she take a beat and work through what is really going on behind her job search in the first place. When she’s calm and ready to present herself with positive purpose, her network will be more than happy to help her and so will I.

Is blame standing in your way of a successful job search?

Are you ready to start a productive one today? Give me a call and let’s get started. 

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