Learn to Bounce Back From a Personal Jab

Let me tell you that as a business owner and as a human being, I get my share of personal jabs. In fact, in between the positive notes and gracious comments that I receive there is always one individual who sends me a cutting jab or negative comment. This hurts.

While I wish I could say that for me it’s like water off a duck’s back, these unkind words stick for quite a while. I would hazard to guess that you and I have this in common. At our core, we are all caring and sensitive creatures or we wouldn’t be constantly working to make a difference in the world as we journey on to career happiness.

Though it’s not easy to bounce back from a personal jab, I have found these six strategies quite helpful in getting back on the positivity track.

  1. Consider the hard truths. Perhaps it’s something you don’t want to hear, but while it wasn’t delivered as graciously as it should have been, maybe inside the jab there are words of wisdom or constructive criticism that need to be thoughtfully considered.
  2. Know they may not see it as such. There are personalities out there who give jabs routinely and don’t see it as such. In their opinion they are simply being honest and helpful but in your perspective their delivery could use some serious work.
  3. Acknowledge the method. I would bet you that nine times out of ten these jabs come virtually. It’s easy to sit behind a computer screen and fire off negative comments, tweets and messages that these jab-throwers would never have the courage to say face-to-face. Remember, virtual anonymity gives us all more courage in the moment.
  4. Don’t take the bait. While the jab hurts and your pistons may fire to respond or retaliate, don’t! It’s stooping to their level and you are above such base behaviors. Your reputation is at stake here.
  5. Don’t take it personally. Easy to say and hard to do. The truth is this isn’t about you, rather it’s really about their need to be heard. If you cut out the negativity and thoughtfully consider the message you will have done both parties great service. But keep in mind, their caustic words are often stemming from their own fears, which you may never fully understand.
  6. Step outside. If the weather permits, go take a walk and get away from the situation. Fresh air and exercise can do wonders for the disposition and help you appreciate what’s truly important. Finding a way to surround yourself with positive people or to contribute to a higher cause will help you put things back into perspective once again.

How to Be Career Happy? Learn to Bounce Back From Personal Jabs.

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