Do You Have A Promotion Proposal Ready To Roll?

So your boss called you into her office for your annual review. You talked a little about performance improvement, poked around your strengths a bit and got the well-deserved accolades that you needed to get you back on to doing what you do best.

What just happened?

You forgot to discuss your promotion proposal and just left a big wad of cash on the desk!


 Don’t miss your chance at making more money! A three-percent raise is hardly what you’re worth. I don’t care if the “budget is tight.” There are more ways than one to squeeze “bucks” from a turnip (uh, I mean organization) and negotiate the salary or the “promotion” that you deserve.

Yes, it’s not all about the money, it’s about happiness. Promotions are very subjective. They don’t necessarily mean, or include, a raise. Sure, that might include more money, but there could be (and should be) more including balance, purpose, prestige, dreams, recognition, benefits, contribution, etc. Regardless of what a “promotion” looks like for you—pay hike, promotion, bonus, better title, new office—you are more likely to get results when you are prepared.

There are five main elements to a successful promotion proposal: Pitch, justification, benefits, timeline and negotiation. You are in charge (and in control) of all five. But you have to craft these in a way that shows that you are a consummate professional and you are ready to lead your career to new heights. I can’t stress this enough, even if you are asking for more work balance your chances of success will increase when you have prepared your plan to include all five elements.

What do you really want? Start with a list of things you need to make your current career more exciting, engaging, and fulfilling. If you have a few moments now, start your promotion proposal draft file and make a section for each of the five main elements of a successful promotion proposal. Add points to these sections on a routine basis. Before you know it you’ll have a strong draft. And be sure to work with your coach to flesh out the details and to “role play” the negotiation. Remember, you never know when the opportunity will be ripe and you want to be ready to roll with your promotion proposal at any time before the door closes on career happiness.

Don’t have a promotion proposal? Let’s get started crafting one today!

How To Be Career Happy? Have A Promotion Proposal Ready To Roll 

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