Address Career “Blips” On Your Resume

Your employment record follows you wherever you go. So do referrals, so do gaps, so do multiple changes.

So do “blips.”

So no matter the success, fail or duration of your past positions, you want to end on a good note. When you do, it’s much easier to honestly and strategically tell your story in an interview or for a promotion.

Despite the firing, termination, resignation, voluntary leave, two-week stint, sabbatical or off-road journey on your resume, you need to be able to successfully address any positive or negative “blip.”

Just be honest. 

When asked about your career “blip” be honest but don’t spend much time on the topic. Get right to the point and align your facial expressions and body language with your confident explanation. Be direct, succinct and end your explanation on a high note.

Whether the career “blip” was your decision or not, you need to address it authentically and honestly. Be clear about what went down and how it positively—yes positively—impacted your next career move. What learning experience did you gain and how will that contribute (in a good way) to your next move?

Show your growth.

Remember, we all make mistakes and are victims of circumstances at one time or another in our careers. We also make conscious, positive choices that may look like a diversion on your upward career trajectory.

It’s how we grow—and what we show—from the experience that matters.

How to Be Career Happy? Address Career “Blips” On Your Resume

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