Deal With It

I recently read an article with the same title: “Deal With It.” It shared the stories of countless individuals who, despite facing cancer, pain, mental and physical limitations and all the accompanying uphill battles, were persevering. They knew the importance of maintaining a positive outlook on life.

I used to get really annoyed when I was having a bad day. While whining about something not going my way, a family member or friend would try to jolt me out of my funk by reminding me that “at least you’re not on your deathbed” or something to the kind.

They are right and thank goodness for the blessings I do have. But I’ll say what we are all thinking, in the moment, these type of statements really don’t do the trick. In fact, they would spin me into more guilt for being a big baby when folks all around me are facing monumental challenges and doing so with positive perseverance.

Whew. Now that I’ve confessed my past sins (and yes, I’m not so fully evolved that this behavior doesn’t return from time to time), I’d like to turn this admission into a challenge.

Basically this is a proposition that I’ve been personally challenging myself to way before I started coaching. This is also a challenge that I present to my clients on a regular basis. And now I’d like to issue it to you—deal with it!

Facing challenges and setbacks head on—no excuses—is the only way to learn how to deal with it! From the practice of this noble behavior you’ll more readily define the distinctions of gravity in your challenges and begin to pick the battles that truly require all your mental and physical strength.

Until these times come along—and I hope they never do—learn to conserve your energy by standing up and dealing with all the other minor things that come your way. If you need a day or two to privately whine, then do it. Then get up the next morning and with renewed energy—deal with it!

How to Be Career Happy? Deal With It!

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