7 Ways a “Killer” Resume Attracts Attention

When employers post openings they typically get slammed with resumes from qualified and non-qualified candidates. Unfortunately, having the right skill set isn’t enough to land you an interview. With the growing amount of competition for each job posting, even the most qualified candidates can be overlooked because of their unattractive resumes. You need to design a killer resume.

Creating an attractive resume doesn’t mean that it needs to “pretty” but rather that it begs to be read. Think of it this way—your resume is marketing you, not your previous jobs, so it has to persuade the reader that you’re worth meeting to learn more. If marketing isn’t your thing, don’t worry. Here are 7 ways a killer resume attracts employers’ attention.

  1. Put Important Things First. Grab the reader’s attention by placing your most attractive qualifications at the top of your resume then back them up with concrete examples peppered throughout the document;
  2. Create a Professional Piece. Design your resume so that it looks polished, organized for flow and without distracting formatting or too much white space;
  3. Quantify When Possible. Use numbers to illustrate as many results as possible, i.e: “Saved department 5K in overbid allocations,” “Supervised 25 team members”;
  4. Be Brief, Yet Impactful. There is no mandatory length for a resume and each should be designed based on your personal qualifications. So avoid filling up your resume with repetitive content or information best served in a cover letter;
  5. Make a Match. Ensure your resume (and cover letter) address the qualifications and requirements illustrated in the job description;
  6. Keep Up With Trends. Don’t get bogged down by old resume philosophy as resume styles and approaches change each year. What your mother once told you may not be current anymore;
  7. Consider the Employer’s Perspective. Look at your resume from the recruiter’s perspective. It should illustrate how you meet the exact qualifications they are looking for using their language outlining similar experiences or accomplishments;
  8. Ask the Professional. Work with me, your Career Coach, to build a polished and attractive resume that helps you stand apart from the competition.

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