Overcome Job Search Frustration

Imagine running a marathon. You train for months and put all your mind and body efforts into achieving this goal. Finally, you’re ready to go with your plan for success and when the gun goes off, you’re on your way. But after three quarters of the way through you don’t see the finish line, you become frustrated and suddenly decide to quit even after all the hard work and dedication. Cheers go up from the crowd for you to get back on the road and keep going. No, you’ve given up and that guilt of abandonment starts you throwing cups at the onlookers. Yikes! Everyone disperses and you’re left alone.

You were so close and just about to turn the corner to the finish line.

While this story is a little dramatic, it’s a great visual for the job search. First comes enthusiasm, then comes the hard work, then comes a quiet pause due to lack of instantaneous results (where’s that darn finish line?). Then comes frustration, then comes guilt, excuses and yup, you guessed it—blame. Finally, after all the blaming of everything and everyone around you, you may just quit! Yikes!!!

All too often, this is the pattern. It can be a vicious cycle that pulls you down and further away from success.

But I know you. And I know you’re not a quitter. I also know that you recognize when you’re really not giving it your all and need to amp up your game. If this time comes and you feel frustrated with your job search, then re-evaluate what you’re TRULY doing by honestly answering the following questions:

  • Are you sticking to your plan? Or only sort of?
  • Are you being strategic? Or letting life get in the way?
  • Are you building up your network? Or letting them see a frustrated blamer?
  • Are you motivated to make your dream a reality? Or looking for someone to do it for you?
  • Are you willing to give it your all? Or wanting to settle for less?
  • Are you working with your coach? Or waiting for inspiration?
  • Are you ready to give it your all to finally make your dreams come true?

Ready? Set? Let’s Go!

How to Be Career Happy? Overcome Job Search Frustration

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