Avoid Promoting Lies and Burying Truths

One of my organizational clients recently faced a big crisis. Over the years, board members and key decision makers allowed a few executives to unfortunately get away with some bad behaviors. In essence they were guilty of burying lies and truths. Because they had done so once or twice, they developed the habit and this became part of the culture. This reality is not only a shame, but it is often more commonplace than we may want to admit.

Every day we struggle with being honest with others and ourselves.

Things we should say, actions we need or amends we must make can drain our emotions and energy and then we don’t act. We bury these hurts and let them weigh us down. Even if we are not part of the “cover up” but rather privy to the situation, this can create a heavy burden. Sometimes we can even promote lies and bury truths in our personal lives.

Weight issues, money problems, conflict with others, depression, frustration, fear and loneliness are some of the most common truths we feel we need to bury in our society. Lies, including how we’ve hurt others (and ourselves) are promoted, simply because we fear facing the truth and we know these lies will help us be more accepted in society.

When (and if) we are truly ready to free ourselves from promoting lies and burying truths we should start by finding our support network.

This could be colleagues, friends, families, an employee assistance program, coach or counselor or any other person or group who can help us stay strong when we feel pain or frustration. Let them know that you will need their support as you excavate honesty and navigate this breakthrough journey.

Next, state what is real.

This means uncovering the truth and acknowledging the facts. This also means facing the truth—no matter how painful—head on, learning how to proactively attend to the truth so that everyone is healthier and happier. You must own your truth. Whether that means you’ve made a mistake and need to own up to it or confronting someone who needs to hear the truth. Remember, not everyone will be embracing this process and it won’t always be easy, but “the truth will set you free.”

Finally, regroup and recharge.

Work with me, your coach, and start your steps back to a healthy and honest space. This will take time and effort but it will be rewarded. You’ll uncover your truth. Think about how restoring your career reputation and building your character as an honest and ethical human being will take you far in your future.

How To Be Career Happy? Uncover Your Truth

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