Employ Email Etiquette: Get it Read and Get Results!

Crafting an email that gets results takes practice and skill. Yes, it’s not about just writing your thoughts down but actually considering the reader’s perspective, especially if you want results. So how do you actually get your email read, thoughtfully considered, appreciated and replied to? Well, I curated the expert’s knowledge base.

There are a few questions that need to be considered before you hit the “send” button:

  1. Is it necessary to send this in an email or would it be better to make an appointment or set a meeting to discuss this information in person?
  2. Is your email brief and to the point versus a long paragraph (or two) that loses, confuses or bores the reader?
  3. Is it positive in tone and leaves no room for misinterpretation?
  4. Is it informative or does it have a “tag you’re it” feel about it requiring the reader to do work on your behalf? I.e. “I was wondering what is the best way to be considered for this position?” Uh, a big no no!
  5. Does it contain all the pertinent information for you in your signature (title, organization, address, email and phone) or will it require the recipient to troll around on the Internet or company database to find you?
  6. Does it have an informative subject line to grab the recipient’s attention and inform them of the content of the email or is it just a reply or forward from an old email without an informative and up-to-date subject line?
  7. Are you expecting a response to your email while you have avoided responding to the recipient’s past emails?
  8. Do you need to add an instructive cue like: FYI – For Your Information Only; “!” Urgent; NRR – No Response Required, etc. or will the recipient understand what’s expected of them?
  9. Is it the fifth email that you’ve sent them and indicative that it’s time to pick up the phone and talk in person?

Here are a few more tips from the experts: Avoid Irritating Emails!

How to Be Career Happy? Employ Email Etiquette: Get it Read and Get Results!

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