Saying “No” to Worry? Career Coaching Can Help

Saying “no” to worry isn’t easy. A Sage once observed that worry is almost impossible to avoid when we “live in a negative sea of human mental activity.”

It’s true.

Everyday we’ve got millions of reasons to worry:

  • “Should I ask for a raise?”
  • “Will I finish my project?”
  • “Will I make it to my child’s recital on time?”

Though there are many worrisome circumstances out of our control – illness, the economy, tragedies –many others can be avoided because they are things we CAN control. Typically, these stem from human behavior.

To illustrate, studies have shown that on average four out of five people that engage in idle conversation will focus on the negative—the poor weather, an ailing friend, a bad economy or even a work-related concern.

The impact of our worries and negative dialogue can have detrimental effects on others. Innocent topics intended to break the ice or build camaraderie, often perpetuate other’s worries and those who don’t have something to worry about may feel like social pariahs. After all, how can carefree Pollyannas and champions of positivity survive in a world where negativity is the new black?  Worry and Stress are extremely toxic with a list of negative side effects too long to mention, including career suicide.  Start today, saying “no” to worry by experimenting with these suggestions:

  • Block Triggers: Experts agree that we can choose to curb negative impulses by shutting out triggers that seize our mental disposition. In other words, stop the impact by focusing on the positive and surrounding yourself with positive people.
  • Find a Coach: Career Coaching is a great resource to help you talk through the worry and come up with a positive and doable solution. The dialogue between coach and client is valuable in reducing symptomatic stress while developing strategies to help you combat worry throughout your week.
  • Use a Talisman: Try this challenge for yourself. Say “no” to worry by making one day worry-free by choice and use a talisman (i.e. photo of the beach) to reflect on and reorient you when worry creeps into your day.

You’ll find the practice of saying “no” to worry a foundation for building a healthy career and longer life. It’s not easy but it will bring results. Imagine, if you were to conscientiously try to worry less, how might careers, family, colleagues and our overall disposition be positively impacted? It’s certainly worth a try.

How To Be Career Happy? Say “No” To Worry

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