Career Transitions – Career Coaching Can Help

Career transitions mean change, and change is never easy. It can be exiting and energizing, but there’s the unknown that must be contended with. What might you expect in your new role? How will it feel to be out of your current comfort zone? What will you do now that you’ve been downsized? Whatever the transition, how you successfully navigate transitions often stems from the source of change.

Job Loss. Coping with job loss can be difficult. In the first place, the choice wasn’t yours, so due to the element of surprise, emotions may take over including fear and depression. Career Counselors, Coaches and Psychologists agree that jumping back into a job search is often the best course of action. It’s therapeutic in a way that gives you a new and challenging endeavor. If you allow too much time to elapse after a job loss before you start your search once again, this can lead to trouble. First, you may establish a new and less productive, routine, and secondly, you may find employers interests tend to wane due to a lengthy gap in employment. Career coaching can help you develop a plan to increase opportunities, stay focused and navigate emotional hurdles through any career transitions.

Promotion. One of the most exciting steps in a career journey is advancement. Managing a promotion effectively not only includes delivering promised contributions but building strong working relationships and proactively supporting those who helped secure the promotion in the first place. A promotion can be overwhelming. Developing a strategic career plan far in advance can help ease the transition increase the odds of success. This plan should include a quarterly goal-focused approach that taps into your strengths and helps you leverage opportunities. It should also include a methodical plan for obtaining the promotion and sustaining soaring career transitions.

New Position. Successful onboarding requires both efforts from the organization and the new employee. Too often individuals rely on their new company or supervisor to provide them with a first 90-day success plan, which can be detrimental. Organizations hire individuals who can hit the ground running, who even with the learning curve will be productive. Working with a career coach to determine how best to navigate newness is a great idea and should be part of any career transitions coaching process. This should include how to manage up and conduct crucial conversations, coupled with a solid approach for pursuing career advancement. Career coaching is designed to assist you with this through any and all career transitions.

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